Traditional Romanian new year celebration in Erdemir Romania plant

Erdemir Romania employees celebrated Christmas with the participation of a folk dance group called “Dambovita Flowers”. Consisting of high school students wearing folkloric costumes of the Muntenia region and the state of Dambovita, where the facilities of Erdemir Romania are located

Among other traditional Christmas songs from Muntenia region (south of Romania) they performed “Capra”. Capra (walking the goat) is the name given to a Romanian traditional dance practiced by the New Year. It is performed by a man masked as a goat and wearing a sheepskin inside. This Goat and its companions are going from house to house, dancing on the threshold of the door each New Year.

Being in our premises for board meeting; our Board President Mr Ali PANDIR and Board Members Mr Bulent BEYDUZ and Mr Ahmet ANAYURT gave presents to the children.

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